The Green Condo on The High line

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The Green Condominium is an experimental place to make an urban balance possible: living and farming facilities combined in the heart of a dense active city. 

The project acknowledges the diversity of eco-farming and overlaps the scales and types of planting recreating an integrated landscape in symbiosis with a fully functional sustainable building.

The planted louvers 

The south outer skin of the building is made of flat garden plates at the right scale for potted vegetable growth. Those panels are structured around a conveyor animated by a solar-powered motor providing a slow vertical motion of the panels at a pace ensuring good and varied exposure to these vegetables. 

Vertical garden 

The second layer of the south facades is made of terraces maximizing the sun exposure on medium size plantings on double levels spaces. The slow motion of the moving panels’ impact will be similar to the passing of clouds.

North facades

The north exposure is reputed bad for planting but a variety of salads, spices, aromatic plants, and berries can grow in a well-arranged north wall, where a thin double facade stores heat between a dark wall and thin glazing while white vertical panels reflect the early morning and late afternoon rays on the plantations

Sustainable condominium 

These multiple arrangements of agricultural farming are symbiotic with the achievement of sustainable living spaces taking advantage of a pre-conditioned environment filtering the heat in summer while allowing a large sun exposure on the glazed facade and stronger thermal protection on the north faces in winter.

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