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This project is for China Recourse (CR) company’s Liya Mansion in Tianjin. It is the landscape design of its northwest-facing front yard and small internal courtyard. The landscape design adopts a formal western garden style, to match the style of the mansion’s architectural style.

To accommodate the heavy loading of the average daily usage by the mansion’s residents, the front yard is mostly hard-surfaced with pavers and marbles that are compatible with the materials of the building facade. Patterns are carefully designed for the hardscape surfaces using graphic elements from the decor of the building and its interior design. We also designed a base structure for planters and sculptures that are supplied by the client.

Low-maintenance shrubbery and trees are selected for the shadowy condition of the site and the hollow earth depth due to the parking garage underneath. Three water fountains are designed, as focal points for the different plaza nodal locations.

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