Hong Kong Urban University Dongguan Campus Master Plan and Architectural Design Concept

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This project is intended as an urban campus for the Hong Kong Urban University’s Dongguan branch. Our design is modeled after the urban research university prototype, which was championed by the Yale West campus about 13 years ago.

Basic lab modules are the building blocks of the lab research complex. Our design uses this robust lab research complex as the anchor device for the campus. It acts to engage and embrace society and works as a landmark identity for the new era of higher institutions. It is repeated and expanded in phase 2 of the campus across the street.

The site has a 3-acre water pond, which has a deep center and shallow wetland at the perimeter. Native plant species are to be preserved, and a boardwalk with observation decks is designed to combine with upper-level terraces that are connected with labs and offices.

We designed lab buildings with classrooms connecting to a central collaboration space and teaching design labs. This will enable educators to best interact with seminar and classroom settings. More collaboration spaces, meeting corridors, and study corners are arranged throughout the lab research complex buildings.

Our design also focuses on resiliency and sustainability to the hilly conditions of the site. Most buildings are designed to be built in relatively flat areas while sloped areas are used for green space and other outdoor functions and activities.

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