Accra KOP Mixed-use Development Design

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This project is located in a high-end district of Accra, less than one thousand meters from the sea. The site is heavily wooded and borders a major road frontage at the south. The program calls for a small class A office building with open office spaces, individual offices for managers and executives, and a welcome lobby. In conjunction with office spaces, a separate building is needed for service apartment units for the upper management personnel and for guests.

Our design strategy is to aim for “high performance, high density (higher than Accra’s low-density average), and high ambition”. Courtyard space is created as a private gathering place for apartment residents and for office employees. A large roof terrace is designed on top of the 5th floor, which connects to the executive lounge located at the top level of the 6th floor. The terrace offers a sweeping view of the surroundings as well as shorelines to its south. It further reinforces the identity of a high-class establishment of the KOP company.

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