Feng-yu Water Resort Master Plan

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The project is located in the center of Xi-an’s local tourism belt at the northern foot of Qinling Mountain. It is richly dotted with streams, ponds, and rivers. Xi-an being a city crowded with out-of-town tourists almost all year long, this area is a get-away place for local tourists. This project intends to develop into a major water world resort for local Xi-an residents.

Another key component of this project is cultural tourism. It will integrate local culture, folk art, history, and traditional lifestyle into the natural resources. Our design created a shopping street along the main bridge road to the west of the site, with performances and light shows at night. Large bathhouses are designed to carry on the traditions of communal bathing which can be dated back to the Tang dynasty.

The waterscape is no doubt the major feature of this project, and only with water can you have an aura of peace and tranquility for the locals. To protect water quality and the natural environment, we designed extensive water treatment facilities for the site. We divided water bodies into deepwater areas and shallow water areas. The deepwater areas form the main water surface with water depths of about 2 – 5 meters. The shallow water area is waters of about 0.5 – 1 meter in depth. Both have complete circulation and filtering systems throughout.

Other landscape design features are also considered. First, we set up a vertical transportation system linking the deep riverbank areas with the two-level walkway system on both sides. We designed step-down steps and cascading green terraces to allow tourists to be in direct contact with water. Listening to the gurgling sound of a flowing river, smelling the fragrance of colorful flowers, and watching the twinkling stars at night while seeing the busy shoppers with lanterns on top of the bridges beyond, is an experience that people want to have repeatedly.

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