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This project is the central retail piece of a gigantic real estate development by the Hong Kong-based New World Development Corporation. It includes two large hotels, one office tower, and three high-rise residential towers, totaling more than 1 million square meters.

This K11 mall is a super-sized retail mall even by Chinese standards. It has two atrium spaces dividing up the big mall into two halves, the so-called eastern mall, and the western mall. New World’s retail branch is going to operate the mall once it is completed. Adrian Cheng, New World’s charismatic heir, and retail branch CEO championed a brand new concept for K11 art mall, which uses the slogan of ART + NATURE + PEOPLE.

Our design reflects Adrian’s K11 scheme, applying design elements of artistry, nature, and communal space to express the idea of K11. At our one-to-one design discussion meeting with Mr. Cheng, we spoke about high-level conception for large spaces such as the atria spaces, we also debated formulating the best design for each activity pod within the public areas of the mall. It was a great client-architect working relationship and our team benefited from the discussion sessions.

In addition to the atrium spaces, we designed a full retail basement which includes a mid-size supermarket, a food court with an arctic sky and ice village scheme, and an arts and crafts section with a Chinese lantern modern art visual feast.

Prototypical elements are carefully designed to spread throughout the entire mall. These elements further express the idea that art lives in nature and that nature dwells inside art. Most of these elements are easily modifiable for mall operators to change according to seasonal needs.

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