International Finance District Master Plan and Architectural Design

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The biggest challenge of this project is the ultra-high density urban development on a rather small site. The program calls for over 750,000 SM (8 million square feet) of total building on a 68,000 SM (16.8 acres) site with a plot ratio exceeding 8.7 and building density over 62%. It is located next to the train station, off the city’s main street. There are seven (7) office towers for banks, two (2) hotels, one (1) shopping mall, and apartment housing.

SAAN’s design solution is a hybrid mega-urban multiplex. Functional complexity and relationship are achieved spatially on-site. The entire development is designed as one single “building”. Connections, circulations, and separations are handled carefully to ensure the independence of each component. The seven bank towers each have dedicated entrances facing the main street. The tallest tower of a 5-star hotel and office occupies the corner next to the train station.

Apartment housing faces the quieter street and enjoys an enclosed courtyard. The shopping mall engages and opens to the street, while its internal arcade forms a parallel path, uniting shops of five levels, and celebrating communication and exchange. The orientation of each tower is carefully angled to create dialog, tension, and dynamics The design concept has a deeper meaning of Buddhism and the Chinese symbology of harmony and fortune. As a collective landmark of Taiyuan, it is designed to be the new financial center for the capital of Shanxi.

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