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Incheon’s Paradise City is an integrated resort in the Incheon Free Economic Zone on Yeong Jong island, just off the coast of Seoul, South Korea. It is an ambitious development plan with a focus on gaming, nightlife, spa, and seaside resort living. Working with a team of Korean and Chinese real estate developers, SAAN provided architectural design architectural for this high-density condo project, located inside an ambitious mega-development.

Four condo apartment towers of various heights are adjoined by sky-corridor gardens at various elevations. Our design promotes a healthy community and modern living. There is an urban community center shared by residents of all four towers, and sky ‘communities” shared by neighboring towers of limited units.

Sustainability is emphasized in the design of residential units and also in public facilities such as swimming pools and clubhouses. Modernity is reflected in the architectural facade design of simplicity, efficiency, luxury, and sophistication.

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