Golden Bond Senior Residence Tower Renovation and Interior Design

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This project is located at 525 Guangdong Road in Huangpu District in the very center of Shanghai. The building has a landmark status built in the late 1970s. It has been a well-known urban hotel and enjoys good business and profit. Nevertheless, to provide the much-needed senior care facilities in the central region of the city, the local authorities, working with a major investment company, are converting this hotel into a high-end senior care residence with a medical clinic and Chinese pharmacy in the lower levels. SAAN teamed up with a California-based senior care operator and provided design documents for a design-build proposal for this project.

Based on the core concept of respecting life, caring for the elderly, and servicing customers, our design strives to provide a sustainable senior home with modern amenities and Chinese cultural characteristics. The facility emphasizes the feeling of home, meeting the requirements of accessible activities everywhere. The interior style is a simple luxury and generous nostalgia. It aims to provide a healthy, happy, peaceful, and dignified home in the old neighborhood of Shanghai.

The project has a total of 20 floors above grade, and each floor is designed with specific functions according to the needs of the seniors. Taking into account renovation time and cost, our design made the best use of the original building facilities, retaining most of the existing partition walls.

On top of meeting special requirements for senior care, we created a safe, unique, and responsive environment for rehabilitation and growth to occur for the elderly.

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