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This project was for a gated apartment complex that is made up of primarily high-rise towers. The landscaped areas include 10-20 meter street landscape frontage on three sides of the compound and a large landscaped courtyard that measures about 75 x 105 meters. This compound’s developer is Vanke, a top-ranked residential developer best known for its high level of service.

Our design created a central hard-paved zone with a series of plazas, terraces with a gazebo, and widened passageways to form an axis for the main courtyard. This paved area is for neighborhood meetings, daily interaction, and other large gatherings. Jogging and walking paths are meandering through and along the perimeter of the courtyard greenery. A large berm is created to form a needed visual barrier for additional walking paths and places for sitting and playing. Trees are carefully selected for low maintenance as most of the courtyard is hollow with a large parking garage underneath. As with most luxury residential communities in China, building and sculptural elements such as fountainheads, screen walls, and arches in classical Roman architectural style create a sense of prestige and stature for the overall complex.

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