China Security & Futures HQ Campus in Beijing

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This project is located on the northwestern outskirts of Beijing, near the university campuses and research institutes. The site borders a river and the main road. The program calls for Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers with necessary infrastructure, operation, and maintenance facilities for the data center, R&D research, call center, offices, and on-site dorms for the financial company that serves China’s security and futures industry.

Our design features a central courtyard, announcing and emphasizing the inspiration of traditional Chinese garden theory and symbology, with offices and research center spaces positioned at the riverside of the site, taking advantage of the scenic landscape, and using terrain and artificial landscaped berm to form a natural barrier of the sight and noises from the large data center buildings. A large sunken plaza is designed with falling water along a curved retaining wall. Outdoor seating is connected with the staff cafeteria and fitness facilities connected to this paved plaza area.

All buildings are massed to open to the courtyard, and outdoor and indoor spaces have established a dialog with each other, using stepping volumes of the building facade and various roof terraces and balconies.

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