Healthcare-Led Development in Papua New Guinea

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Globally, the so-called “hospital-oriented development” (HOD) is gathering up steam. Under COVID-19’s gigantic shadow, healthcare is becoming more impactful as an economic development engine, leading other economic sectors to a resilient recovery. The recent growth in Papua New Guinea has resulted in the development of a variety of projects in the heart of Port Moresby, including ones under this HOD model. 

The anchor piece of this mixed-use development project is a community hospital. Although small, it has all the key components of preventive care, emergency treatment, and surgery units. It will replace an outdated community clinic near the site.

This project also contains its fabrication shop that will produce the majority of the material used in the construction of the new homes. This will substantially reduce the carbon footprint and allow for better quality control and product output.  A variety of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities will be made available to the residents and visitors, including a clubhouse.  Because families have varying incomes, social standing, and security needs, we have developed several options to accommodate them. The interior landscape is pedestrian-friendly while incorporating solar street lights to help minimize the carbon footprint. Future development has been reserved for a Hospital to help with several illnesses for local residents and it will include a retail and residential apartment building. 

Our goal is to provide a healthy and sustainable environment that will result in a standard for residential buildings throughout the country and will become a good example for neighboring sites and any future projects. 

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