CGO's Next Phase: Expanded Gateway for Central China
CGO's Phase 3 Expansion & New Passenger Terminal Building Design
Largest Airport in Asia Through Land Reclamation
New Dalian Airport Master Plan & Passenger Terminal Architectural Concept

Infrastructure Is Always Building

We Design Holistic and Civic Infrastructure

G+SAAN takes a holistic approach to infrastructure. Airports, railway stations, harbors, bus depots, shipping yards are no longer just single facetted transportation infrastructure. They have become multimodal, multifunctional, and urban enterprises, driving substantial commercial development within and well beyond their boundaries. Incorporating ecology and machine concepts into these logistics clusters and free trade zones, the idea of Omni-time is becoming the ultimate design criteria for achieving reasonable economics and time-sensitive goods processing facilities. The evolution of these none transportation functions and commercial land uses has transformed many city airports into airport cities, logistics parks, train station metros. They have been driven by the economy of speed, and become in the process, airports have become significant employment, shopping, trading, business meeting, and leisure destinations in their own right. At G+SAAN, we design infrastructure facilities to provide essential services to citizens. We will always look at infrastructure in the civic light.

Selected Infrastructure Projects