Three Museums, One Opera House & A Youth Palace
Nansha, China
Cultural Center at the Edge of Desert
Bamaya Afganistan
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Turpan Community Center Unites Legend with Future
Turpan, Xinjiang, China

Our Civic Projects Portfolio

Civic Structures for Civic Pride

G+SAAN has been active in building civic structures and architecture. This includes libraries, cultural facilities, parks, and city halls. We believe that good civic design will help to nurture and define a community’s identity and instill a sense of civic pride. The concept of place-making is important in creating meaningful, open, accessible, and equal civic spaces for all citizens to come together. Civic buildings should also be focal points that anchor a community. They should also work as economic centers that propel business and foster market activities.

Through decades of experience, we have built an impressive civic project portfolio. When designing what a civic center should express, we don’t always just think of history and culture, nature and geography, and even feelings of humanity. We go beyond, to explore a new culture, a collision of history and future, as it links up with culture. We seek to revitalize its urban core, a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, and scores of new cultural, recreational, and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. 

Our designers are amplifying architectural transformation by taking the civic privilege to businesses, enterprises, social groups, and citizens through a variety of design tactics. Our goal is to push for cultural transformation on projects of civic functions and to create a culture of confidence and competitiveness to propel civic pride and strengthen the quality of life.