Tuanpo Movie Theme Park Imagined
A Park for Movie Fans and a Factory for Film Professionals
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Restoring Liao-Dynasty Old Town's Glory
Baodi Old Town Preservation Master Plan
Mountain Resort Combines Tradition with Modernism
Guizhou Buddha River Hotel Architectural Design
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Creating Unique Attractions

Tourism Facilities Design

Outstanding tourism design develops the readiness of spaces to care for various needs of tourists. We sculpture both the exterior and the interior to form meaningful places for people to enjoy, building unique experiences to cater to different occasions and conditions based on locale, custom, and culture. Over the years, we have created many successful hotels, clubs, resorts, and themed entertainment facilities. We have been involved in designing tourism for government and private clients. Tourism will not only stimulate the economy but also enrich communities and people’s lifestyles. When a place starts to think about developing tourism, it is essential to first take an inventory of the existing resources of a particular place. And more importantly, working out a good master plan for tourism is always the most critical.