The Integrated & Multi-layered City Blocks
Our Study 3D Model for Tuanpo New Sports Town
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Central Dynamic Zone of New Garden-like City
Envisioning Anshan's Southward Expansion
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Shaping Cityscape Around the World

Urban Design

For both new-builds and renovation of existing buildings, we use good urban design as a critical method for government authorities, real estate developers, and property and facility owners to work together for a better environment for citizens. The urban design describes the physical features that define the character or image of a street, neighborhood, community, or city. Urban design is the visual and sensory relationship between people and the built and natural environment. The built environment includes buildings and streets, and the natural environment includes features such as shorelines, canyons, mesas, and parks as they shape and are incorporated into the urban framework. A good urban design ensures that the built environment enhances the qualities of any unique living environment.

We offer urban design service as a synthesis of the following design scopes:

  • Road profile design
  • Streetscape design
  • Open space design
  • Key buildings spatial design
  • Transit integration design
  • Architectural style definition
  • Landscape design
  • Waterfront and public spaces
  • Public underground space design
  • Urban Lighting
  • Signage¬†

Examples of Our Urban Design Projects