New Sports Town Master Plan & Detailed Urban Design

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This is a detailed urban design project for a new town being planned on the western bank of a large natural lake on the outskirts of Tianjin. The lake is called Tuanpo and covers about 60 square kilometers in area. It is well known for attracting seasonal migrating birds coming from Japan, Mongolia, and Russia.

Our project is phase 1 of the 3-phases planned for the new town. The land developer intended to host international sports events in the new town and use sports to promote the new development. Our design adopts this scheme and cultivates the idea of fitness and a healthy new town throughout the master plan process.

To ensure that the new town provides complete work-live-entertain amenities to its residents, we planned offices, shops, and infrastructure facilities along the main east-west central spine, as well as in the four centers of all four quarters of the new town. We emphasized the sports theme, reinforced the locations of recreational facilities, and designed a double-helix activity pathway that passes through the central spine.

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