Xi-an International Airport Bonded Zone Master Plan & Architectural Design

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The Xi-an Airport Bonded Zone has a planning structure of “1-Heart and 5-Districts”. One Heart is the comprehensive service center; Five Districts refer to the sales service area, innovation service area, integrated logistics area, aviation industry area, and a variety of processing areas.

Our master plan aims to create a brand-new, functionally diverse, comprehensive bonded zone. We don’t limit each functional group to be a traditional single-function unit but rather diversify it with the integration of offices, services, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, and residential. Our design gives the Bonded Zone an innovative open platform through a changeable spatial form.

We borrowed Xi-an’s traditional “LI-FANG” (meaning neighborhood street) planning unit from the ancient Chang-an City. We give it a digital platform, resulting in a flexible, variable, and modular framework. Industrial units that can be independently operated. We call it “Wisdom Oasis”, and give it new meanings for the new era.

Our master plan gives the industrial zone two cross-axis roadway structures; dividing the land parcels according to industries and requirements on transportation infrastructure. We also design street profiles based on architectural styles and facades for each parcel.

The project leverages airport resources and hopes to attract global companies to form an innovative industrial cluster in the Xi-an Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

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