Union Medical’s Hematology Hospital Master Plan & Architectural Design

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This project is located next to Tianjin Medical University’s new campus and two other hospitals in the new high-tech medical research zone of Tianjin. The site area is about 19 hectares. The program calls for a 1000-bed hospital, outpatient center, research & teaching labs, a med-tech complex, and a 300-bed rehab center. The total building area is about 170,000 square meters. Once completed, It will be the largest research hospital for hematology in the world.

SAAN’s design places the outpatient center to the west by the main road; the inpatient center in the center of the site; and the rehab center to the east near Green Belt and Lake. Major functions are organized with a strong east-west axis with dedicated circulation routes and separate entrances and exits. Each medical spatial unit is linked with green gardens, covered with arcades and walkways. Almost all travel distances are compressed, and interconnection is strengthened for clarity, efficiency, and comfort.

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