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This is a themed hotel proposed in a scenic Buddha Mountain resort in Guizhou’s Zhen-yuan town. The resort, master also planned by SAAN, contains a Buddhist temple, a Taoism temple, a traditional residential village, tea houses, retail shops, restaurants, outdoor camps, and luxury villas.

The hotel is situated on the bank of Wu River inside the resort. It is at the prominent spot in the foothills of the mountain where the river turns in direction. The gross building area of the hotel is 16,400 square meters. It will have 120 keys in single- and double-occupancy rooms.

The hotel’s theme is traditional Miao culture and architecture. The design brings in unique elements from Miao buildings in plan configuration, layers of roofs, and the material and texture of windows and walls. The hotel’s service entrance is hidden in the back, tucked under the hills. Back-of-house functions are contained in the basement and under the courtyard level. From its ornamental swimming pool to grand entrance lobbies, and boat dock in between, this hotel shows luxury in its exotic details.

The massing of the hotel steps down towards the river, to correspond with the axis of the entire resort in the valley. The overall emphasis of this hotel is to create unique guest experiences, which is essential for a successful resort.

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