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Tonglin Hilton Hotel Interior Design

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This project is located on the bank of Tonlin River in the special tourism district about 55 kilometers from the center of Hohhot. The hotel has about 280 keys in total. It is intended as the main anchor hotel for the hotel cluster of 20 hotels being planned in the district. As a hotel targeting both tourists and residents, the hotel has a large F&B and special event section on the lower floors of this 10-story tower. Three large banquet halls will serve traditional weddings and company retreats. In addition, two traditional Mongolian cuisine restaurants are located on the 2nd floor and are open to the central lobby space.

The overall design scheme for the interior spaces draws inspiration from traditional Mongolian culture. Circular elements remind people of traditional Mongolian tents. Rich patterns from leaves and flowers offer connections to the vast prairie land in the region. The central color scheme of gold and silver reinforces this cultural influence and adds to the pride and luxury of the 5-star hotel.

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