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This project is intended as a science and technology park for the Beijing-based semiconductor company Wisdom Semiconductor Co. SAAN was invited by Wisdom Co to prepare a preliminary project design concept. This design concept will be based on an assumed standardized land parcel of 100 Chinese Mu (i.e. 66,600 square meters), as Wisdom has not formally selected a final piece of property, although they have tentatively pinned down a general region for the property.

Wisdom’s Science Park development plan will coincide with China’s push for increased semiconductor production and advanced R&D research under the economic and political climate of the China-US trade war in recent years. For master planning of the intended science park, we recommended an open, integrated, sustainable, and modular layout. In our preliminary concept package, we suggested following a paradigm of work-live-play-learn, similar to that of Google’s and Apple’s research campuses. For the variation of spatial forms and cultural analogy, we provided four design scenarios for the hypothesized site in Beijing.

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